• How to Inquire for a Chance

Inquiring for a chance is as easy as 1,2,3. 

Step 1 - Login/Create Account.

It's very easy to create an account with Give The Chance. Simply go to the top right-hand corner of the screen where it says "Join For Free." Or simply click here. 

Once you've created an account it's simply a matter of logging in to inquire about chances. All chances are available to be reviewed prior to inquiring or even creating an account. 

Step 2 - Find A Chance & Inquire

Once you've found a chance on GTC, you can submit an inquiry for that chance through the website on that chance's page. 

When you submit an inquiry we recommend including the following information:

  1. One sentence introduction.
  2. When you can start. 
  3. Contact information.
  4. If you can bring any tools/extraneous items with you.
  5. Best to say a quick "thank you" at the end for the chance.

Here's an example inquiry: 

"Hey my name is John Smith, I'd like to connect with you about your chance for Firewood Splitting. I can help out this Friday. I've got a wood splitting tool that I can bring if needed. Please let me know, you can contact me directly @ 707.999.9999  Thank you!"

You are allowed to inquire about each chance only once, so make sure that you spend a moment to write something great!

Step 3 - Wait to hear back.

Once you've submitted an inquiry for a chance, the Chance Poster will be sent an email including your email address along with your inquiry message, and will be able to follow up with you to finalize the details or ask additional questions. 

In many instances, Chance Posters will receive more chance inquires than they can support so do not feel disappointed if you do not immediately hear back. Just make sure to keep inquiring for the various chances that your community is offering.