• Sponsoring GTC for your City.

At the launch of Give the Chance, we are focusing our efforts on Humboldt County, but we have larger ambitions and a genuine desire to help people throughout the nation by spreading Give The Chance to all communities.

However, GTC needs your help to grow. Therefore we're proud to unveil our new City Sponsorship program to help our organization spread to new communities and impact as many lives as possible.

What is a GTC City Sponsor?

A GTC City Sponsor is an individual or entity seeking to bring GTC to their City. Our goal is to support community growth and fight poverty by connecting individuals who are struggling financially with fellow community members who are willing to give them the chance to work. If you'd like to help us with that, than you might be perfect as a GTC City Sponsor. 


How to Bring GTC to your City


If you would like to sponsor Give The Chance in your city, please email GTC founder Michael Williams - [email protected]

As a permanent thank you for all of our GTC City Sponsors, once you have sponsored Give The Chance to go active in your area, a message will be permanently displayed on your area's perspective page in honor of your sponsorship that reads as follows:

"Give The Chance was brought to [your city] by [your name/ business name]".

As part of your initial sponsorship we will include a basic marketing campaign on Facebook for users in your area, letting potential community members know about the site and spurring activity.  We will also include you in the post to give credit for your sponsorship. 

We are very thankful to all sponsors for their participation in bringing Give The Chance and our vision to new areas.