• What is a Chance?

A chance is an opportunity for a person in need, to earn money in a dignified manner by completing a chore/ task for a fellow community who wants to help by offering them a chance to work.

  • A chance to earn money. 
  • A chance to work. 
  • A chance to get back into society.

Giving someone the chance is offering them the opportunity to come work for you in exchange for money, as a way of improving their situation.  You'll be able to have a task completed while feeling good in knowing that you helped somebody through a tough part of their life.

What does a Good Chance look like?

A good chance posting would include:

  • Clear objective / task
  • Stated compensation

A good chance also makes the following notes:

  • If associated equipment for completion of task is provided or not
  • Estimated day and time that member is looking to have the task performed

Basic Examples:  mowing lawn, stacking firewood, washing car, weeding yard, labor, etc

Good Chances are SMART:

When in doubt you can review the following when posting your chance. Ask yourself if your chance meets the following items:

  • Specific (simple & sensible) - Chance seekers need clarity to achieve success.
  • Measurable (motivating) - Chance seekers need to know what is expected of them. Chance providers should also know what they are asking, and how to know if the chance has been accomplished.
  • Achievable (attainable, agreeable) - Chance seekers need the opportunity to find success. If a chance is large, break it into smaller pieces that are more attainable.
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic, results-based) - Good chances are realistic, if you're asking for 100 logs to be cut for firewood, that's realistic... in comparison to 10,000 for an exaggerated example.
  • Time Bound - A good chance should be achievable in a reasonable time period, or negotiate with a chance seeker once they've accomplished a chance for a longer opportunity. 

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